quick fuel 600cfm carburettor


£435.95 +vat

£523.14 inc vat


Number of Barrels:4
Carburetor Flange:Square bore
Secondary Type:Vacuum
Fuel Inlet:Dual

Primary Jet Size:68

Primary Power Valve (Hg):6.5 Hg
Secondary Jet Size:74
Carburetor Finish:Tumble polished
Ford Kickdown:No
Throttle Linkage Type:Universal
Carburetor Height (in):3.250 in.
Fuel inlets are 7/8-20 in. thread.
Quick Fuel Slayer Series carburetors offer affordability, great looks, and impressive adjustability. Economical horsepower performance is not a dream! Quick Fuel Technology has engineered their Slayer Series of 600 cfm and 750 cfm street carburetors with everything you want at a price you need to fit your budget. Their hand-built quality and all-aluminum construction are outstanding—but consider these additional features: changeable idle air and high-speed air bleeds, 3-stage emulsion circuits, changeable primary idle feed and power valve restrictions, vacuum secondary adjustment screw, and unique secondary metering plate with changeable jets. Pursue horsepower and get more dollar power with the carburetors that let you tune “your way” and offer show-quality appeal—Quick Fuel Slayer Series carburetors.
also available in 750 cfm

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